Unusual and Creative Staircase Designs at the Longchamp Store in New York City

stairs in Longchamp


A stairs are obviously very important in the overall look of a space and sometimes they deserve to be given the role of  a sculptural piece.  One of the best Creative stairs can be found in the Longchamp flagship store in NYC (and winner of a Design Week Award for best retail interior). They are apparently made from glass panels, and are designed to ‘flow and converge’ between walkways and steps on three levels like ‘draping silk’. A sweeping curvature of ribbon-like steel stairs makes Longchamp’s global flagship store in Manhattan utterly unforgettable. In addition to being very abstract and not looking like a typical staircase, what makes this stairway so distinctive is that it appears to be floating. he structural component of the stairs doesn’t have any support underneath it or above it. The geometry is what holds the whole thing up. They are designed by Thomas Heatherwick. The piece is made with 1 1/4” hot-rolled steel, weighs 55 tonnes and has taken six months to build.

Longchamp flagship store stairs

Longchamp Store stairs in New York City

Longchamp’s global flagship store stairs

Beautiful flagship store stairs

Ribbon like steel stairs in Longchamp

Unusual Stairs in Longchamp Flagship store in NYC

Design Week Award for best retail interior in Longchamp

stairs in Longchamp

Longchamp storefront spring street

 flagship store staircase in Manhattan

Stairs at the Longchamp Store in New York City

Longchamp Store Stairs

store interiors longchamp

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