Velo Towers by Asymptote Architecture

Velo Towers By Asymptote Architecture

Velo Towers is a combination of two circular and distinct towers. The formation of these towers is designed in a horizontal and vertical configuration. This architectural design is created by Asymptote Architects. It is an architectural firm of New York. This is a futuristic building design which will be furnished with latest technology.

The tower will stand at 153 meters and designed with glass panels. It will be contained 500 apartments for homes and office purposes.  It will be a big building with rotating residential components. These towers will be located near the Yongsan Park and Han River. Both towers are joined with two powerful bridges for communication of people. The towers will create with fabricated and powerful building material.

Bridge of Velo Towers By Asymptote Architecture

Velo Towers By Asymptote Architecture View

Inside View of Velo Towers

Side View of  View of Velo Towers


Leo A Daly Selected To Build SAC Federal Credit Union Headquarters

SAC Headquarters

The famous international architecture, engineering, program management and interior design firm Leo A Daly have been appointed to provide design and engineering services for SAC Federal Credit Union’s new corporate headquarters in Papillion, Nebraska. The estimated cost of the project is $20 million and is expected to begin later this summer with a scheduled completion in spring 2014. Continue reading “Leo A Daly Selected To Build SAC Federal Credit Union Headquarters”

Dream Home in Banya Street Bulimba

Front Area of Dream home in Banya Street Bulimba

Dream Home is a unique residential design that is located at Banya Street Bulimba. It is a flowing open plan design with stylish interior decoration. The lower plan of this house is opened through floor to the attractive grassy back yard. The pool is situated near the grassy lawn.  Formal dining hall and decorated living rooms and media room are the part of lower plan area.

The designer has used soaring ceilings and a floating timber in this architectural design. Extensive use of glass in this building provides natural light throughout all rooms. The master area consists three bedrooms, family hall and study room.

Pool of  Dream home in Banya Street Bulimba

Bed Room of  Dream home in Banya Street Bulimba

Faimly Room of Dream home in Banya Street Bulimba

Dinning Hall of Dream home in Banya Street Bulimba

Kitchen of Dream home

Collection of High Quality 3D Studio Max & Photoshop Tutorials

Making of CityLife's Metabolic City by Jean-Marc Emy

Autodesk 3D Studio Max commonly known as 3D MAX offers a vast range of techniques and tools to animation tutorials, compositing tutorials, lighting tutorials, rendering tutorials and texturing tutorials. 3D Max is the primary choice to consider when it comes to 3D architectural design. When architects and designer combine the techniques of 3D Max with designing quality of Adobe Photoshop the results are really outstanding. Continue reading “Collection of High Quality 3D Studio Max & Photoshop Tutorials”

Lot 18 House by Arkitek Axis

Complete View of Lot 18 House

Lot 18 House is a u shaped architectural design. It is located at a beautiful place of Kuala Lumpur. It is a good example of Southeast Asian architectural art. This house is a 3 floor building with, living rooms, dining hall, kitchen and well designed pool. This architectural home design is created by Arkitek Axis.

The designer has used glass work on walls from outside which looks so cool and beautiful.  On the ground floor of this house, there is a family hall for managing any event. A beautiful timber deck terrace is situated on the first floor, where you can view all around the house easily. There are three well decorated bedrooms. Car parking area is hidden on the back side of the house.

Lot 18 House View

Interrior Decoration of Lot 18 House

Kitchen of Lot 18 House

Faimly Hall of Lot 18 House

First Floor of Lot 18 House

Night View of Lot 18 House

Roof of Lot 18 House

Water System of Lot 18 House

Back Vew of Lot 18 House

Ground Floor  of Lot 18 House

Dinning Hall of Lot 18 House


Island Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects

Island Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects

This contemporary and self-sustaining “Island Retreat” is designed by a New Zealand based Fearon Hay Architects and is located on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. The residence is divided into three individual structures each with its own unique function boasting a living area, bedroom, studio and swimming pool. Continue reading “Island Retreat by Fearon Hay Architects”

Even Yehuda House by Sharon Neuman and Oded Stern Meiraz

Front View of Even Yehuda House

Even Yehuda House is a creative architectural design. The area of this minimalist house is 260sqm which is covered by beautiful spots. It is located at Yehuda. This house is designed by two architects Sharon Neuman from Israel and Oded Stern Meriaz from London.

Even Yehuda House is covered by a tall brick painted wall that is designed in a traditional shape. A beautiful bridge is constructed between the first floor of home and a balcony.

Sitting Room of  Even Yehuda House

Children Room of  Even Yehuda House

Kitchen of  Even Yehuda House

Bedroom of  Even Yehuda House

Bedroom of  Even Yehuda House

Gallery of  Even Yehuda House

Bridge of  Even Yehuda House

Outdoor View of  Even Yehuda House

Balkony of  Even Yehuda House


The Glass Pavilion House by Steve Hermann

The Glass Pavilion

Glass Pavilion is an ultra modern house designed by Los-Angeles-based architect Steve Hermann and is located in Montecito, California. It is almost entirely a glass structure providing stunning views of the oak and fern Montecito landscape.  This luxury house with a total area of 13,875 square feet consists of five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a stylish kitchen with a wine room. The house also features an art gallery showing the architect’s vintage car collection, including classic Mercedes and a pair of Ferraris. The Glass Pavilion house may be has no equal. The innovative architectural style and natural beauty of its surroundings you can say it a house without comparison. Check out astonishing photos about Glass Pavilion below: Continue reading “The Glass Pavilion House by Steve Hermann”

Open Black House by ARQX Arquitectos

Open Block House

ARQX arquitectos is a famous architect company that has designed many inspirational home designs. Recently, it has designed a terrific Open Block House Design with glass and concrete. This home is located in Porto, Portugal. The area of this amazing home design is 555 sqm.

The basement included laundry room, store, furnished bedroom and bathroom. This area is made with glass work and can be easily viewed from other floors of the house. The ground floor is connected with garden area and stylish pool. The doors and windows of this area are designed with transparent glass. All compartments are designed with glass so, direct light can easily enter frame outside. A latest swimming pool is located near the ground floor that is designed with wooden poolside deck and luxury items.

Sitting Room of Open Block House

Open Block House View

Side View of Open Block House

Open Block House View of Bathroom

Internal View of  Open Block House


Tilelamp at Casa do Lado by 20.87 Estúdio

Tilelamp in Brazil

Brazilian studio 20.87 has designed the Casa do Lado located in São Paulo Brazil. The firm has transformed the old house into a huge lamp while using simple and cheap material including plastic panels and LED lights. The old house was being utilized as a gallery for design exhibitions. Design store MiCasa requested the architect to develop the project while creating the space for art exhibition in its interior. Continue reading “Tilelamp at Casa do Lado by 20.87 Estúdio”

Eneco Headquarters in Rotterdam by Hofman Dujardin Architects and Fokkema&Partners

Eneco rotterdam office interior

Collaborating with Fokkema&Partners the Amsterdam based Architects Hofman Dujardin has completed the interiors for Eneco’s headquarters building located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In order to create the perfect and healthy work environment the Eneco’s headquarters gone through a revolution process. Continue reading “Eneco Headquarters in Rotterdam by Hofman Dujardin Architects and Fokkema&Partners”

Courtyard House by Hutchison & Maul

Guest Room of Courtyard House

Courtyard House is a well designed house that is located in Mercer Island. The area of this house is 50’ narrow and 400’long wide with 35 percent slope. Exterior concrete terraces are carved into the sloping side of the house. They provide sunlight into the rooms and also protect from neighbors. This house is designed by Hutchison & Maul Architecture.

The house has divided into two main parts: concrete plinth and hovering wood volume. Concrete Plinth consists well decorated living rooms and a guestroom. If you want to visit this home, you will have to cross beautiful exterior terraces, bridges and stairways. The entrance point is decorated with wood volume and powerful concrete walls. This house is fully furnished with latest luxuries. Further details of this house are given below.

Location: Mercer Island, Washington, USA
Project Area: 623 sqm
Architects: Hutchison & Maul Architecture
Contractor: EH Construction
Structural Engineer: Jeff Albert
Interior Design: Hutchison & Maul Architecture
Landscape Architect: Bruce Hinckley, Alchemie
Mechanical Engineer: Rainbow Consulting
Photography: Eduardo Calderon, Alan Abramowitz, Tom Hille, Hutchison & Maul Architecture

Sitting Room of Courtyard House

Entrance Point of Courtyard House

Dinning Room of Courtyard House

Internal View of Courtyard House

Courtyard House View

Stylish Roof of Courtyard House

Terrace of Courtyard House

Roof of Courtyard House