V-Ray Realistic Studio Lighting inside 3ds Max 2012

First Let me show you a screenshot of the entire setup

You need a background, you can model something like this:

Now create a box, apply the taper modifier and convert to a editable poly, apply a black material to the entire box, now select the back polygon and delete it, and now select the front polygon and apply this shader setup:

This is a simple shader to make the front polygon transparent but with a soft lighting refraction.

Now you have to place a vray plane light behind the box and place it in the same setup from the first picture.

Let me show you the intensity for each light:

And for the camera, as always I am using the vray physical camera, this will improve the way you setup the lighting, because you can have more control of the exposure and other setups, and this is the camera setup:

And to finish with this tutorial, just we need to check the render settings for this one:

If you see the render settings are pretty basic and aiming for fast rendering. Now you have a nice studio lighting setup for any type of 3d models.

Rendered Architectural Visualizations From ANT Atelier

Hotel-Museum in Timanfaya

Here in this post we compelled the quality images from ANTatelier. ANTatelier are a business made up of architecture, photography and image professionals. Their aim is to giving their best to fulfill the customer’s needs. And also provide ideas for our costumer businesses that are always ahead of the competition. Find out the wonderful rendering architectural visualizations for your inspiration.

Surf School in Biarritz, France

Autumn Bench

Winter Bench

Spring Bench

House-Workshop for a Stone craftsman

House in the desert

The Fake Shadow Technique by Bokkins

Here in this post we present in the wonderful tutorial for the fake shadow. In the olden days of visualization, a technique has been very useful for this kind of situation; nowadays rendering time goes up dramatically. Let’s find out the how you can make the fake shadow by OPACITY MAPS. Continue reading “The Fake Shadow Technique by Bokkins”

Hovering in BF House/OAB + ADI

Enjoy the wonderful hovering BF House designed by OAB + ADI. You would become the fan of Carlos Ferrater work. The play of light outside and within the courtyard gave the inspiration. The relation between the built house and the garden it floats on top of. Just see the photos and drop your comments in comment box.

Photography by Joan Guillamat

3 Forest Pack Tree-Lined Canal/Tutorials

Here in this post we are revealing a new Forest Pack tutorial for from iToo Software and with titled Tree-Lined Canal”. You would be able to see the basic features with Forest pack version 3.9, introduced last June. The duration of this video tutorial is 30 minutes and especially for beginners to learn quickly. Just go through this tutorial to acquire the necessary skills for wonderful looking scenes with Forest Pack Pro. Continue reading “3 Forest Pack Tree-Lined Canal/Tutorials”

The Living: Great Piece of Teaching

In this post I want to discuss about the training of for V-ray. There are many blog or sites, but at that moment Cg-Blog is the best place to study Rendering with V-Ray. There is no longer and boring videos, all are simple tutorials like “just click here”. Continue reading “The Living: Great Piece of Teaching”

Premium 3D Models in Action

In this post, I am going to revealing some wonderful work on a set of renderings which I saw on web. The images of Interior furniture used from pPremium3Dmodels.com and for the exterior light setup I have used one of Peter Guthrie’s hdri (0743).
If you like this post then I look forward to hearig your comments. Continue reading “Premium 3D Models in Action”

House Roces By Mouton Burger

There are many wonderful 3d visuals which I have seen being made with Cinema4D + VRayForC4D, and this is one of the fantastic examples of 3d visuals by Mouton Burger. He is a freelance 3D artist and nowadays living foothills of the picturesque Kammanassie Mountains in the Western Cape, South Africa. At the age of 16, he started 3D rendering. For the last 5 years, he’s been doing visualization work for MCP Architecture. He also has solid background knowledge of architecture. Hopefully, you enjoy his wonderful work.  Continue reading “House Roces By Mouton Burger”

Free “Glass Buildings” RailClone Scene

Today, I am going to share with you a very nice RailClone generated glass buildings 3d urban landscape scene by Long time blog & challenges sponsor, iToo Software that showcases how you can create full parametric buildings form a set of basic elements. You can download now the RailClone “Glass Buildings” scene, ready to render on 3DS Max 2010 or higher, starting with Forest Pack Lite 3.6, RailClone Lite 1.3 and either VRay or Mental Ray.

Two more offers waiting there for you.

Free Lake with Pier Scene

Free Autumn Park Scene

KRob 2012 Awards Event

KRob 2012
Awards Presentation, Wine Reception & Lecture
Sponsored by HKS
Tuesday, November 13th – 6:00pm
Dallas Center for Architecture
1909 Woodall Rodgers Frwy, Suite 100

Andrew Tanielian, Emmy winning video journalist and entertainment host for NDB 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.

Registration Cost:
$10 Students, AIA Members & KRob Participants
$15 General Admission
Register for the Awards Presentation and Lecture here.

Online Event (Tuesday November 13th – 6:45pm Central (GMT-6)
Register for the live event webcast here.

Showcase of Pool Shophouse by FARM

Here you are welcome to see the pictures of Shophouse designed by FARM. This looks like a super cool house to live in but called with the name of Shopshouse. You could see the wonderful artwork playing with tiles, bricks, wood and water. The image courtesy is Jeremy San. Original post is at The Pool Shophouse. Continue reading “Showcase of Pool Shophouse by FARM”