Free Hires Wood Flooring Parquet Texture – Diffuse, Bump & Specular

In this post, we are sharing the wonderful flooring parquet texture with Diffuse, Bump and Specular maps included. This is a step by step 4k resolution for high details in your renderings. The preview image is given below. Continue reading “Free Hires Wood Flooring Parquet Texture – Diffuse, Bump & Specular”

Rendering Based on Hodgson House By Bertrand Benoit

You will be pleased to see the wonderful rendering based on Hodgson house by Bertrand. This house is located in New Canaan, Connecticut. You could see the plants that were modeled in GrowFX as well as he modeled and textured the chairs from scratch. If you like the amazing work of Bertrand then you must drop your words in comments box. Continue reading “Rendering Based on Hodgson House By Bertrand Benoit”

Collection of Beautiful 3D Interior Design Model for Inspiration

our bedroom by zigshot82

our bedroom by zigshot82

At the present world interior design has a great popularity. People are eagerly interested to decorate their room. 3D Max is one of the normally used software for architecture and interior design field on creating good presentation of architectural projects. With these highly advanced tools, concepts can come to life off of the page before they are fully constructed and arranged. Here is a collection of amazing designers at work, to give readers a little 3D interior design model inspiration.

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Excellent Examples of 3D Interior Design

3D Interior design is both a science and an art. Creative Designers and Artists make these designs to show the preview of interior decoration of a house, rooms, kitchen and other places.  These amazing images created with different 3D interior design software including 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Maya, and other rendering interior design software.

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