Classic Interior Design By Dimitar Gongalov

In this post, we have some wonderful renders by 3D artist and interior designer, Dimitar Gongalov from Sofia, Bulgaria. He completed his study in Landscape architect, but his passion always was architecture and interior design. Dimitar said,”My goal is to recreate in unique way your park or garden with all kinds of plants as they were in dendrology project in 3d format when it comes to designing the environment.”He was interested in minimal design, clean forms and colors in architecture and interior design. Continue reading “Classic Interior Design By Dimitar Gongalov”

AA House by OAB

Here is the Fantastic home designed by OAB in Spain. This house features the 7×7 geometric grid with a twisted design. The diagonal pitched roofs doubling the heights of the various rooms and acting as skylights. Very cool seeing the various interior day reference shots as well as the house exterior both in snow and vibrant green / blue dusk shot. The photography is by ALEJO BAGUÉ. Continue reading “AA House by OAB”