Massive Rendered Octane Corners

Here we have wonderful rendered photos from the latest Octane Render Competition. Octane for 3ds Max is a quite well integrated version of the render, but The Integration doesn’t yet support all the functionality of max but is definitely as easy to use as Maxwell. It removes the need to export geometry to Octane for rendering. Let’s find out the photos given below, and if you like this post then must spread your words in comment box. Continue reading “Massive Rendered Octane Corners”

Minimal Exterior – A Great Training to Learn Easily

In this post, I want to share with you the complete training program has published: it’s MINIMAL EXTERIOR on cg Studying this training you’ll improve your knowldges to get the 5SRW Certification with V-Ray… and just to know, all students of CgBlog can access this exam for free.

There are so many blog but nowadays Cg Blog is only place where a “V-Ray Licensed Instructor” (approved by Chaosgroup) shares his trainings. This is really new scenery in the confused-tutorial’s-world, a good reason to trust in this project.


How to become student (and get certified)

Bookmanager 1.0 Releases by Model + Model

Well, in this post you have to inform that Model + Model released version 1.0 of their 3dsmax books scattering script – Bookmanager with new updates. Before this script was available as part of an extensive book library, but now you can use this separately. The main feature has the ability to place books directly on actual shelf polygons.

Let’s find out the wonderful features that helps you.

Create books as instances

Flipped book.

Reset settings to default values.

With the help of this book manager you can set set random quantity of Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books on different shelves.

It’s have the ability to set how much shelves have Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books.

To find more information then click here.