Innovative Bathroom Ideas

Innovative bathroom ideas are now available for your ravishing home. It may seem a complicated task to design small area bathroom. However, it may give a challenge to the architect.

A smart designer would fabulously design the washroom with all facilities. Having a functional & storage friendly washroom would add value to your home.

When it comes to constructing a small bathroom you need to be careful about each and everything. Each and every design and element in the bathroom should be useful and applicable.

By following few essential steps you can have innovative bathroom.


Storage Space In Innovative Bathroom:

Small bathroom ideas are always good. A proper planned and designed washrooms have proper storage space. These storage spaces can help you to showcase your colorful towel.

Innovative Bathroom Ideas now

Plan Functionality For Innovative Bathroom:

Proper functionality is the prime key for any small but alluring bathroom. Make it sure that your each element can contribute in any task.

Innovative Bathroom Ideas now

Proper Palette Plan:

Be very choosy about the paint color of your washroom. Use neutral colors to make your bathroom chill and pleasing. Make use of textures and patterns.

Innovative Bathroom Ideas now


The Narrabeen House by Guillaume Favre

Guillaume Favre is 31 years old French 3d artist. He changed orientation towards 3D graphics, after a degree in Product Design. He learned it all by himself. He launched his freelance business, after more than seven years of experience in an agency. The Original design and realized of this house by Choi Ropiha Fighera architecture studio which inspired Guillaume, which he picked up for personal project. With generous use of wood, this is the great contemporary design. He loves to create designs of wood work in 3d, check out the stylistic photos of his project. Continue reading “The Narrabeen House by Guillaume Favre”

Rendering Visualization by Amir -H Qashqai-P

In this post, I am going to represent in front of you the beautiful artwork of Amir -H Qashqai-P. Amir is 3D artist and belongs from Tehran, Iran. He did most of the work in Vray and 3D Max. Let’s check out the photos given below and drop your comments. Continue reading “Rendering Visualization by Amir -H Qashqai-P”

15 Architectural Renderings that Stand Out From the Crowd

Rendering is now becoming more accessible due to more technology and architectural visualization is growing rapidly between the people.During the last few years, the quality level of architectural renderings has dramatically increased. Nowadays one has to go to great length if extreme photorealism is the main focus. Here, we have compiled the 15 best rendering that must be consider original. Some of these are in great composition, others use a wonderful chromatic palette, but all of them are to be considered great art, not only commercial work. Check out the pictures and drop your words in comments box. Continue reading “15 Architectural Renderings that Stand Out From the Crowd”

3D Renderings of Tomczak House

In this post we revealed the wonderful work of Peter Oldorf. Peter studied graphics design in Rostock, Germany. He started his career with 3d and working for the lichtecht company in Hamburg, about 5 years ago. He learned techniques in texturing, animation, 3d modeling, simulation and architecture.

Peter and his team are working with makes this renders in with 3ds max and Photoshop and after effects next to hundreds of plug-ins and little helpers. You can see the final renders photos of this project using all that. Continue reading “3D Renderings of Tomczak House”

Vray Exterior Render – Tagina

This exterior render is a project made for a famous Italian company, totally produced in computer graphic with 3ds max, vray and post production in photoshop. Just find out the pictures given and drop your words in comments box if you like this post.  Continue reading “Vray Exterior Render – Tagina”

AXA STADIUM in Braga, Portugal

In this post, I am going to share inspirational 3d visualization of AXA STADIUM in Braga, Portugal which I saw on the The name of architect is Eduardo Souto Moura. It was built in 2003, with the capacity of 30,286 seats. The stadium is also known as A Pedreira (The Quarry), as it is carved into the face of the adjacent Monte Castro quarry. Check out the rendering images of this stadium and drops your comments.

Continue reading “AXA STADIUM in Braga, Portugal”

Hovering in BF House/OAB + ADI

Enjoy the wonderful hovering BF House designed by OAB + ADI. You would become the fan of Carlos Ferrater work. The play of light outside and within the courtyard gave the inspiration. The relation between the built house and the garden it floats on top of. Just see the photos and drop your comments in comment box.

Photography by Joan Guillamat

3d Visualization of THERMAE in Vals, Switzerland

You have a lot of technical ability for creating the 3d architectural visualization. To become a proficient it takes years in certain modeling and visualization. In this post we show you the efficient work of artist named by peter Zumthor, creates a great demand for newer and innovative ways of presenting them. This is a personal project made a while ago, creates in Sketchup, Max, Vray, Photoshop and AE. Zumthor describes the conception of the building uses images of quarries and water flowing from the ground.  Continue reading “3d Visualization of THERMAE in Vals, Switzerland”

Rendering Based on Hodgson House By Bertrand Benoit

You will be pleased to see the wonderful rendering based on Hodgson house by Bertrand. This house is located in New Canaan, Connecticut. You could see the plants that were modeled in GrowFX as well as he modeled and textured the chairs from scratch. If you like the amazing work of Bertrand then you must drop your words in comments box. Continue reading “Rendering Based on Hodgson House By Bertrand Benoit”

V-Ray Exterior Renders of Sichuan Tobacco Headquarters

Here you are welcome to see the wonderful Renders of Chinese Tobacco Company in Sichuan / China. This project is completed by 26 years old Vladislav Dechev from Bulgaria. Unique thing of this design is the green roofs emerging from the ground covering the structural elements. He done this great  project by using Onyx Tree, ArchiCAD, Vray and 3dsmax. Continue reading “V-Ray Exterior Renders of Sichuan Tobacco Headquarters”