6 Bevis Marks by Fletcher Priest Architects

bevis marks night view detail fletcher priest architects

An outdated 1980’s office building at 6 Beavis Marks in London will soon receive a major overhaul and reconnects the existing streets, passages and outdoor spaces. It more than doubles the public space and enhancing important pedestrian routes through and around the site. Continue reading “6 Bevis Marks by Fletcher Priest Architects”

55 Baker Street by Make Architects

55 Baker Street  road side view

55 Baker Street is spectacular landmark development designed by Ken Shuttleworth of Make Architects. The original building, constructed in the 1950s, was formerly the headquarters of Marks & Spencer and takes up 1/13th of Baker Street. The site now has been transformed into an important new urban amenity. Continue reading “55 Baker Street by Make Architects”

Information Centre by Make Architects for City of London

city of london information centre make architects

Make Architects is an architectural practice based in the United Kingdom founded by Ken Shuttleworth. The Architects has design the convenient City of London Information Centre in collaboration with Arup and Davis Langdon. This exciting centre is a shining new gateway to this global City. Continue reading “Information Centre by Make Architects for City of London”