Tornado Proof House by 10 Design

Tornado Proof House by 10 Design

This prototype house was an initiative by 10 Design Architects to turn their futuristic dream into a reality. The tornado-proof house concept is an innovation which we hope will provide the basis for the future habitation. Hong Kong-based 10 Design is working on this project with the aim to design a home capable to tackle with extreme weather condition. Continue reading “Tornado Proof House by 10 Design”

Pierres Vives by Zaha Hadid in Montpellier

Pierres Vives in Montpellier

An under construction Pierres Vives building at Montpellier designed by Zaha Hadid. She has designed a new inspirational architectural design as a “tree of knowledge”  that consists three civil  institutions situated within a single building. The building is a creative combination of three civic departments like sports complex, the archives and library.

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Krea Arts Centre by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura

Krea Arts Centre

Spanish firm Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura has designed and renovated the Krea Art Centre situated in Portal de Betoño, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. The purpose behind this project was to introduce a new building with an image of town’s new art center while maintaining the identity of former convent. Continue reading “Krea Arts Centre by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura”

Lago en el Cielo by David Ramirez Arquitectos

Lago en el Cielo

Lago en el cielo is a single family house design that is located at Colombia. When you reach the location, you can’t see the house immediately, because it is closely contrast with the mountain. The house has a simple and unique design that is created according to the conditions of the place. The connection of the house with the nature is very strong. The two levels, residential building designed by David Ramirez Arquitectos.

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Contemporary Stoneridge Residence by Assembledge+ and Billy Rose Design

Stoneridge Residence by Assembledge

The Assembledge +Architect teamed up with Billy Rose Design to build this contemporary house known as Stoneridge Residence. Occupying a total area of 11,781 square foot this luxury residence is situated in the hills of Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. The Stoneridge Residence actually is a renovation of a 1991 house and the purpose behind this project was to reconnect the house with its site via large restructured openings. Continue reading “Contemporary Stoneridge Residence by Assembledge+ and Billy Rose Design”

Weihai Pavilion by Make Architects

Weihai Pavilion b by Make Architects

Make Architects has designed Weihai Pavilion located on the northern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, China. The 6000 sq ft building provide welcoming space and information hub for new residential development in the area, as well as work as an exhibition space, hosting launches and meetings in the near future. The pavilion is engage with the seascape and various architectural strategies have been employed to minimize its impact on the environment. Continue reading “Weihai Pavilion by Make Architects”

Futurumshop by Ares Architecten

Futurumshop by AReS Architecten

On the prominent place of Apeldoorn, Ares Architects has designed a powerful business premises for a successful sports center. This shopping plaza has some inspirational features. Interestingly, not only the big glass facade that across the full length of the property. The wall of this building, made with 12 maritime containers. A container is considered as a symbol of world trade. This wall of containers acts as both a partition between different areas of building like storage room, pantry area and conference hall.

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Google Super HQ by PENSON

Google new Headquarters

PENSON, one of the top rated interior design and architecture studios has completed Google‘s new London headquarters. The Google Super HQ is located at Central Saint Giles, Covent Garden, London. The 160,000 square foot HQ incorporates indoor and outdoor workplaces, a Lala Library, Cafés & Restaurants, Gymnasium, dance studio and a huge Town Hall. Continue reading “Google Super HQ by PENSON”

CLF Houses by Estudio BaBO

CLF Houses

The project of CLF Houses is located on a spot of residential area at Villa La Angostura. In spite of its evident centric location, there are three terrific single family residential houses that are positioned amidst like a wooded landscape.

This project was given to Estudio BaBO that is a famous architectural firm of Argentina. Each house is consists two floors, dining hall, living room, two bedrooms and furnished kitchen. A patio is comprised in each enrich for visual connections with the ground floor of home.

An integral system is used that is based on Research Institute of Norway. The system was used for the solution of climatic issues, physical environment of Argentina. The facade is structured with cypress in black color.  All the interior walls are painted in white color and the floors are made with black granite. Whole interior decoration is done with high quality wood of Argentina.

Internal View of CLF Houses

Back View of CLF Houses

Front View of CLF Houses

Complete View of CLF Houses

Side View of CLF Houses

Inside View of CLF Houses

Logan Offices by SO-IL

Logan Offices by SO-IL

A Brooklyn-based architect SO-IL has designed new office and studio space for a production company, Logan.  Located in New York, these new offices feature collaborative and contemporary work environment with minimal furnishing and decoration. The environment of the space changes invariably and demand individual work stations and rooms, while maintaining a high level of flexibility. Continue reading “Logan Offices by SO-IL”

Life in Spiral by Hideaki Takayanagi

Front View of Life in Spiral

Life in Spiral is a creative home design. It is located at a beautiful place of Tokyo. It is inspired by Porch that is a traditional architectural art of Japan. This expensive home design is made by Hideaki Takayanagi. The area of Life in Spiral is round about 109.0 sqm.

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