Eco Friendly Ice House by MinArc

Eco Friendly Ice House by MinArc

Well known architecture firm MinArc has designed the Ice House, a luxury and modern family retreat located in Reykjavik, Iceland. The purpose behind this project was to design a serene family sanctuary that should fulfill the desire of its residence to connect with natural environment. The architect employed energy efficient technologies, eco- friendly materials and minimalist design to accomplish this goal. Continue reading “Eco Friendly Ice House by MinArc”

Shell-Shaped Solar “Pearl” House by Solaleya

pearl shaped Beach house

French designer David Fanchon of Solaleya designed a latest sustainable house, “The Pearl” passive solar house. This completely customizable structure can be sized between 500 to 5,000 square feet inspired from a seashell which offers great structural strength and aerodynamics. Its shape is optimized to take advantage of the Sun’s benefits when needed and to protect from its harsher heat when necessary.
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Beautiful Point Piper House by POPOVbass Architects

Great and Elegant Point Piper House

The Point Piper House designed by Australian studio Popov Bass Architects and is located in Sydney, Australia. The design of this home has evolved from the constraints and opportunities offered by its lovely but challenging site. The site is irregular in shape, three-storey fall vertically from the edge of the street overlooking the harbor in the east and northeast.

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