Using Vray Sun for Realistic Rendering within 3ds Max

This is wonderful exterior lighting scene that you will definitely love it. And this scene is also available for download.


We talk about the modeling for the structure firstly; it was just boxes the help of Edit Poly tools. The most difficult thing in the scene was furniture that creates in of zbrush and photoshop and and plants was made it with Speedtree and the the Ivy plugin.The grass was a simple Vray displacement modifier with this texture for the displacement.

For the materials like textures, specular and bump map were used and lighting was done with Vray sun and sky.

Vary physical camera used for good exposure. This is very important when working with vray sun because you will have more control of the lighting.

Here is the render setup for render setting

For post production

Here the things used like, sky replacement, color correction, modified the exposure control, some offset, lens correction, chromatic aberration, some glow and sharpen.

Final Image:

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Artificial Night Lighting Interior Scene + Bonus Tutorial in PDF

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Making of Modernist Loft

I found this wonderful tutorial from Aleso3d. Here you could see the making of modernist loft scene done with Photoshop, 3ds max, Zbrush and Vray.

Step by step walkthrough and easy tips will make you able to learn properly lighting rendering interior scenes with 3ds Max and Vray. Everything like texturing, lighting and rendering, Scene setup, modeling discussed here for realistic output. Continue reading “Making of Modernist Loft”