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Furniture designs plays a significant role in making your house interior unique and marvelous. People who admire to have an alluring home would not prefer to spend money on its exterior only but also on its interior.

Sensibility is a prime factor to decide what you want to have? Or how you want your home? I guess, none of us would tend to have an extra ordinary home from outside and a traditional house from inside.

If you desire to have a charming home then I suggest you guys to focus on its furniture. Spending more money and time on your home’s furniture would never be wasting.

Being choosy and possessive about your home interior is appreciable. Through attracting home furniture you can have a better life style.

Guys! You don’t need to worry about how you are going to have latest furniture designs. The designs that could make your home look better and glamorous. Keeping this in mind a large ratio of people are now moving towards interior designing education.

Interior designers are now in market to guide you properly what could be more suitable for your home. You can also take help from different designs available on internet.

Let’s see what ideas are more preferable to have endearing and ravishing home. Below mention are some of the amazing furniture designs.

1. Royal Bed Room Set Furniture Designs:

The size of this royal bed is (2100)(2160)(1780)mm with sizzling table & gigantic wardrobe. Dressing table size is (480)(1110)mm.

Furniture Designs For A Sparking Home Arrangement now

2. Decent & Marvelous Sofa Set:

This cool furniture can give you extremely chilled vibes. The combination of white and red is just amazing.

Furniture Designs For A Sparking Home Arrangement now

3. Amusing Couch Furniture Designs:

This amusing idea of a kingdom touch to your house is unique & appreciable.

Furniture Designs For A Sparking Home Arrangement now

4. An Elephant Structured Holder:

Here, it is now proved that great mind shows their greatness through their art. A wooden elephant as a holder is amazing.

Furniture Designs For A Sparking Home Arrangement now

5. Divine Dinning At Home Available:

This type of dinning style can make your home interior different and exquisite.

Furniture Designs For A Sparking Home Arrangement now


Free And Open Source 3D Modeling Application

Are you 3D Designer? Do you want to design 3D models? Today here we present Free And Open Source 3D Modeling Application for all lads. This 3D Modeling application is one of the best application.

Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available operating systems. you can use this 3D modeling software to model, shade, animate, render and composite and create interactive 3D models. Must try and Leave a comment.


Download Link

Free Industrial Storage Rack Model

Sometimes we may need small models for our project which should be adequate from every angle. Today here we present Free Industrial Storage Rack Model (Without Accessories) although its kind of small model but still it has a big impact.

industrial rack model

Free Download

Free LOFT 3D Model By Andrey Mikhalenko

Andrey Mikhalenko is one of the finest and cretaive 3D Designer. His Models are always splendid. Here we arranged all of his 3D models for the LOFT scene and packed them into single free link. All models created using 3d Studio Max, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush & Photoshop. Enjoy Lads.

Free Download

Free 3D Furniture Models by Talcik

Are you looking for some amazing 3D furniture Model? Here we proudly present free offering by Juraj Talcik & Veronika Demovicova. Its not new one but still its worth a shot and quite amazing. Soon we will give you more amazing cool Stuff. Following are the Poliform. Also a download link.



Free Download Part 1
Free Download Part 2

Top 10 Tips For Designing Models In 3D Printing

Kacie Hultgren scenic designer who uses her 3D printer to build scale models for set designs. Following are Top 10 Tips for designing models in 3D printing.

1. 45 Degree Rule

Recall 45 degree rule, support material will be needed for overhangs that are substantial than 45 degrees or intellectual modelling tricks can be used to get the model to print.

2. Design To Avoid Using Support Material

Support material can leave horrible marks on the outside of your prints, however, support algorithms are improving all the time. Design your models so that they are 3D printable without support, in order to avoid support material which is time consuming.

3. Add Custom Supports

Mouse ears, helper disks and cones designed are into your model to help it print without the use of computer generated supports. Some of the exceptional examples of this design technique are Tony Buser’s “Mouse Eared Rocket Fincan” and Pretty SmallThings “Windsor Chairs”. Rafts can be tough to remove and also mar the bottom of your prints but depending on your software / printer configuration.

4. Know Your Printer’s Limitations

Get information about your model. Are there microscopic towers and small features that are too small to be printed in plastic on a desktop 3D printer? Thread width is an essential variable that the printer can achieve but it is often unnoticed. Thread width is defined by the diameter of your printer’s nozzle. Most printers have a 0.4mm or 0.5mm nozzle. Circle illustrated by a 3D printer is always two thread widths deep: 0.8mm thick with a 0.4mm nozzle to 1mm thick for a 0.5mm nozzle. As Kacie stated in the video, the rule of thumb is “The smallest feature you can create is double the thread width.”

5. Fit Tolerances for Interlocking Parts

Design in your fit tolerance for objects with numerous interlocking parts. Getting correct tolerances can result in different problems. Here are some Kacie’s tips for creating correct tolerances: use a 0.2mm offset for tight fit (press fit parts, connecters) and use a 0.4mm offset for lose fit (hinges, box lids). To define the right tolerance for the thing you are creating, test it yourself with your specific model.

6. Use Shells Properly

Additional shells on characteristics models like small text should not be used as it will make the details vague.

7. Optimize for Thread Width

Plan the walls of your model to be one thread width thick if you are making compliant models or need very thin characteristics. For more samples on utilizing this technique, examine Hultgren’s collection of “Flexible Inspiration” model collection on Thing verse.

8. Orient for the Best Resolution

Adjust your model for the best resolution possible for that particular model as models can be sliced into pieces if required and then reunited. Z resolution can be handled only fused-Filament Fabrication printers. Thread width determines X and Y resolution. Verify the model orientation is capable of printing those features if it has fine characteristics.

9. Orient for Stress

Verify to orient your model to minimize stress on the part by orienting the model if you want to keep prints from any disruption when force is applied. In order to make sure, the print lines are perpendicular to point of the pressure being applied.To print large models, ABS principle is applied which can be divided along the Z-axis as they cool on the build platform during printing.

10. The “Holy Grail”: Print and Place Designs

“Holy Grail” are multiple combined parts of FFF desktop machines contained in Print in place designs. Guidelines on how to confront “print in place designs”: pull design elements to platform, use bridges for captive parts and gap print carefully are mentioned in Hultgren’s tips.

Ant-house by MA-Style Architects

In this post, we revealed the best visualization of Ant-house by mA-style architects. For suiting the cost, they drew simple rectangle without any daring idea on the ground. They sat up panels along the line. They lined kitchen, washroom, desk and storage shelfs. You can feel the moonlight and also hear the the sining of insects in the night time. Continue reading “Ant-house by MA-Style Architects”

AA House by OAB

Here is the Fantastic home designed by OAB in Spain. This house features the 7×7 geometric grid with a twisted design. The diagonal pitched roofs doubling the heights of the various rooms and acting as skylights. Very cool seeing the various interior day reference shots as well as the house exterior both in snow and vibrant green / blue dusk shot. The photography is by ALEJO BAGUÉ. Continue reading “AA House by OAB”

Darling Point Penthouse by Christopher Polly Architect

Darling Point Penthouse by Christopher Polly Architect

This penthouse is located in the Easthaven building, originally designed by Ancher Mortlock & Murray in the late 1950s. Sydney-based studio Christopher Polly Architect has reconfigured and refurbished this apartment. The project involves a comprehensive re-design of a top floor apartment to improve the kitchen and bathroom spaces, amenity to the living areas and terrace, lighting, storage and physical connections to the terrace. It also encompasses a link of borrowed light through the main bedroom to an internal bathroom with an overriding strategy of fully integrated lighting and storage. A new study and sitting area are inserted near the entry, permitting access to alternative contemplative views of the harbor. Take a look! Continue reading “Darling Point Penthouse by Christopher Polly Architect”

Ada Street Mixed Development by Amin Taha Architects

Black building

A new stylish building on the corner of Broadway Market and Ada Street in London, England is designed by talented architect Amin Taha. The 800 sq ft Shop includes a Kitchen and bathroom. The building is finished in an all-encompassing monolithic black render making up all external elements of the building including, parapets, sills, and window reveals. The shop also has a large glass door and window at the back leading into a courtyard and two glass doors and a window at the front, one facing Broadway Market and the other, Ada Street.

 ada st amin taha architects at night

 Building by amin taha architects

stylish Building by amin taha architects

  amin taha architecture at London

Black building by amin taha at London

3D Architecture Renderings & Artist Impressions

Architectural 3D renderings

3D computer rendering, architectural renderings and architectural animations bring new designs to virtual 3D life, allowing you to see everything as though it was already built. We find that we are often an aid to the architectural design process. 3D architectural renderings have all but replaced traditional artist impressions as the number one way to present new property developments. 3D architecture renderings show exactly how a new building will look before its built, turning architectural drawings into credible and attractive 3D renderings, complete with landscaping and aesthetic details. Continue reading “3D Architecture Renderings & Artist Impressions”