15 Architectural Renderings that Stand Out From the Crowd

Rendering is now becoming more accessible due to more technology and architectural visualization is growing rapidly between the people.During the last few years, the quality level of architectural renderings has dramatically increased. Nowadays one has to go to great length if extreme photorealism is the main focus. Here, we have compiled the 15 best rendering that must be consider original. Some of these are in great composition, others use a wonderful chromatic palette, but all of them are to be considered great art, not only commercial work. Check out the pictures and drop your words in comments box. Continue reading “15 Architectural Renderings that Stand Out From the Crowd”

Rendered Architectural Visualizations From ANT Atelier

Hotel-Museum in Timanfaya

Here in this post we compelled the quality images from ANTatelier. ANTatelier are a business made up of architecture, photography and image professionals. Their aim is to giving their best to fulfill the customer’s needs. And also provide ideas for our costumer businesses that are always ahead of the competition. Find out the wonderful rendering architectural visualizations for your inspiration.

Surf School in Biarritz, France

Autumn Bench

Winter Bench

Spring Bench

House-Workshop for a Stone craftsman

House in the desert

Hovering in BF House/OAB + ADI

Enjoy the wonderful hovering BF House designed by OAB + ADI. You would become the fan of Carlos Ferrater work. The play of light outside and within the courtyard gave the inspiration. The relation between the built house and the garden it floats on top of. Just see the photos and drop your comments in comment box.

Photography by Joan Guillamat

Fantastic Examples of Architectural Photography

Dance of Light by Elia Locardi

Dance of Light by Elia Locardi

Architectural photography mainly focuses on exteriors and interiors of commercial, residential, cityscape and historic structures or buildings. The creativity behind it consists of using shooting angels, color contrast and the building elements to create a unique architecture photograph.  Architectural photography has also been an effective tool in advertising and promoting any new commercial business whether it could be a shopping mall, condominiums, hotel, or even resorts. Continue reading “Fantastic Examples of Architectural Photography”

Crescent House in Japan by Shigeru Ban Architects

Crescent House

Crescent House

Japanese houses are always killer with awesome concept. And, most impressively, integration with the land is regularly astonishing. Designed by world renowned Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, Crescent House is a vacation home located on the slope of south Hakone Villa residence area in Atami, Japan. This seamless flow of cypress wood house brings the beauty and serenity of nature surrounding into the inside to entertain your eyes and soul. Continue reading “Crescent House in Japan by Shigeru Ban Architects”

Stylish Modular Unit Homes by Coodo

Modular Unit Homes by Coodo

Modular Unit Homes by Coodo

Coodo is an architectural office located in Slovenia has recently introduced a line of stylish modular units that are perfectly modern and would work just about anywhere.  These customizable units are compact and portable, feature smart monitoring systems, and can be easily made energy self-sufficient. Each one has a multifunctional pavilion, a summer kitchen, mobile living units, a pergola and a residential building. Continue reading “Stylish Modular Unit Homes by Coodo”

43base Minimal House in Tokyo by Miurashin Architect + Associates

43base Minimal House in Tokyo

43base Minimal House in Tokyo

43base is a minimal home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Miurashin Architect + Associates. Constructed from 150mm x 150mm x 12mm L-shaped steel elements produced in a factory, the rigid frame was assembled on site using a crane. Stepped into a hill, a garage at street level is the initial point of entry. A staircase leads the residents into the first level kitchen. From the entrance to the roof-top garden, the design alternates between small and large, high and low. On the top floor a bedroom is placed to hide itself from view from the common areas below. Continue reading “43base Minimal House in Tokyo by Miurashin Architect + Associates”