Making of Classic Kitchen

In this tutorial we show you the process of making a classic kitchen, beginning with component modelling through applying textures and ending with lighting and Vray setup. Modelling was done with 3d Studio Max 2009 and rendered with Vray 1.5SP5. Let’s find out the photos given below. Continue reading “Making of Classic Kitchen”

Free Hires Wood Flooring Parquet Texture – Diffuse, Bump & Specular

In this post, we are sharing the wonderful flooring parquet texture with Diffuse, Bump and Specular maps included. This is a step by step 4k resolution for high details in your renderings. The preview image is given below. Continue reading “Free Hires Wood Flooring Parquet Texture – Diffuse, Bump & Specular”

V-Ray Exterior Renders of Sichuan Tobacco Headquarters

Here you are welcome to see the wonderful Renders of Chinese Tobacco Company in Sichuan / China. This project is completed by 26 years old Vladislav Dechev from Bulgaria. Unique thing of this design is the green roofs emerging from the ground covering the structural elements. He done this great  project by using Onyx Tree, ArchiCAD, Vray and 3dsmax. Continue reading “V-Ray Exterior Renders of Sichuan Tobacco Headquarters”

Best Examples of CG Interior Visualizations

Italian Resto Pt.2

Interior architectural visualization is an outstanding field that appropriates for photorealistic rendering of architectural structures and designs, without ever setting foot in the space or picking up a tool. This ability to artificially design a scene, add objects, and project light from different angles helps the designers and architects to devise their vision for a fraction of the cost.  Continue reading “Best Examples of CG Interior Visualizations”

Beautiful 3D Building Designs with Inspirational Architecture Projects

Stitched Panorama

The world population is growing very fast and according to an estimate, in 2030, the amount of people living in urban cities will reach 5 billion. There are many challenges of housing design if this situation continues. Architectural visuals are powerful tools for architects, individuals, interior designers, and real estate developers. It visualizes and renders fabulous images of interiors and exteriors using 3d rendering software. Following entire remarkable building designs layouts were the real design of a public building construction with the applicable landscaping inspiration. These public build structure series was the best part of inspirational 3D building illustrations that try to introducing a new design series of a public building.

Continue reading “Beautiful 3D Building Designs with Inspirational Architecture Projects”

Teglverksgata 2 Visualization By Peter Guthrie

Teglverksgata 2 Visualizations By Peter Guthrie

Sweden based digital visualization artist Peter Guthrie specializing in unique renderings for architects and designers. Recently he shared a fresh set of renders for a residential project on the northern edge of Oslo’s Sofienberg Park by Logg Arkitektur. An urban visualization incorporated in images he took on site that also reminds his former great work he done on Kilburn Vale Visualizations. Continue reading “Teglverksgata 2 Visualization By Peter Guthrie”