Ant-house by MA-Style Architects

In this post, we revealed the best visualization of Ant-house by mA-style architects. For suiting the cost, they drew simple rectangle without any daring idea on the ground. They sat up panels along the line. They lined kitchen, washroom, desk and storage shelfs. You can feel the moonlight and also hear the the sining of insects in the night time. Continue reading “Ant-house by MA-Style Architects”

Hanoi Museum in Vietnam by GMP Architects

Hanoi Museum in Vietnam

Hanoi Museum in Vietnam is an outstanding achievement of German architectural firm GMP. Situated in the midst of an artificial park, the 30,000 sqm museum is encircled by water basins and provides huge areas for outdoor exhibits. While entering the museum landscape the visitors meet the history of Hanoi and traditional Vietnamese villages. Continue reading “Hanoi Museum in Vietnam by GMP Architects”

Futuristic Building Design With Architecture Evolution Idea

evolution architecture concept building

Creative architects and designers have been dreaming up futuristic architecture for decades. Camenzind evolution team architect designed a beautiful futuristic building. This is the new concept of architectural designs. Other name of this beautiful futuristic building is Cocoon. The building is erected on beautiful hillside of Zurich’s Seefeld district. It looks very beautiful in the greenry of Zurich. It is surrounded by the middle of Mountain views. Spiral massing Configuration and building landscape from the Cocoon building is very suitable with environment neighborhoods.

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Ultra-Contemporary Home in the City of Linz by Najjar and Najjar

Luxury Villa in Linz Austria

Ultra Contemporary House is one of Contemporary House Architecture scheme for you who want new architecture trend idea. Architect practice Najjar & Najjar from Vienna designed this ultra-contemporary villa in Austrian city Linz, which is also known as  “Villa A”. The home overlooks the city and, apart from its breathtaking views, it also provides intimacy through natural stonework that has been used to create a series of modern fence-like structures.
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