Ultra Modern White Beach House by Richard Meier and Michael Palladino

Luxury Beach Home in California

Beautiful Beach House

Architects Richard Meier and Michael Palladino designed a beautiful breathtaking beach house. It is located in Pacific Coast of Southern California. Fronting the Pacific Ocean to the south, a courtyard to the west and the Pacific Coast Highway to the north, this 4,280 sq ft beach house follows in the tradition of SoCal’s courtyard houses that open to the outdoors.

Floor-ceiling two-shaded glass with sunscreens and louvers provides privacy while maintaining a sense of openness to the outdoors. This ultra modern house is painted in white, a color that fits any beach building. With ultra modern house design like this white color gives this house its best appearance. This house is an example of a creation that honors the spirit of the nature.

 Beautiful Beach House in California

Beautiful staircase in Beach House

 Beach House with Beautiful interior design

Design Ideas By Richard Meier and Michael Palladino

Modern Beach House interior

Luxury Beach Home in California

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