The Meera House: An Incredible And Luxury Oasis House Concept

Meera House at evening

MEERA HOUSE upper side view

The Meera House was designed by Guz Architects and is located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. The Meera House sits in a brand new housing estate on the Island of Sentosa (adjacent to Singapore). The strategy of architects was to build a solid wall to each side neighbor to provide privacy where possible,  while creating a central light and stair well which would funnel the sea breeze through the center of the building. The meera house is one that gives “rooftop gardens” a whole new meaning and it’s a pristine showcase of great design and green design, too.

The sprawling three story home sits on the land of Sentosa, just across the way from Singapore. It is consider as a daring and original project- after all, not many homes feature green spaces for every floor of the building. It is a large multi layered four story house that tries its best to break the volume into human scale spaces with interaction with gardens and greenery at all levels.Inside this house is placed an amazing wooden staircase shape which is hanging across the house, it is completed with a glass edge. In the lower level, installed a glass wall which able the owner to see the bottom of the swimming pool. The interior design is constructed by concrete and wooden materials.


Side walls of MEERA HOUSE

The Meera House under lights

Stircase in Meera House

Beautiful view in Meera House

Beautiful view of Meera House at evening

 Meera House at evening


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