CLF Houses by Estudio BaBO

CLF Houses

The project of CLF Houses is located on a spot of residential area at Villa La Angostura. In spite of its evident centric location, there are three terrific single family residential houses that are positioned amidst like a wooded landscape.

This project was given to Estudio BaBO that is a famous architectural firm of Argentina. Each house is consists two floors, dining hall, living room, two bedrooms and furnished kitchen. A patio is comprised in each enrich for visual connections with the ground floor of home.

An integral system is used that is based on Research Institute of Norway. The system was used for the solution of climatic issues, physical environment of Argentina. The facade is structured with cypress in black color.  All the interior walls are painted in white color and the floors are made with black granite. Whole interior decoration is done with high quality wood of Argentina.

Internal View of CLF Houses

Back View of CLF Houses

Front View of CLF Houses

Complete View of CLF Houses

Side View of CLF Houses

Inside View of CLF Houses