Sustainable Green House by Djuric Tardio Architects

Awesome Sustainable Eco-House by Djuric Tardio

Awesome Sustainable Eco-House by Djuric Tardio

Djuric Tardio Architects designed this “Sustainable Eco-House” in Paris, France.  The program was for a combined family, calling for a flexible, modular design and design process. Passive solar design and other techniques have been incorporated into the program, in order to make it one of the most attractive and sustainable houses on the block!

This is a prefabricated home made entirely out of Finnish wood panels that come from sustainably managed cooperatives of small private forest owners. The ventilation of the rooms is regulated by the openings of the shutters, and the penetration of light through the windows. The mobile kitchen units wheeled out on sunny days, while in the winter the house is heated by a fireplace just inside.

Exterior Sustainable Eco-House

Modern Sustainable Eco-House by Djuric Tardio

Wooden Interior Furniture

Entrance Design - Sustainable Eco-House

Eco sustainable house by Djuric Tario Architectes

Interior Lounge

Wooden Sustainable Eco-House

Bedroom design

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