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MoMA in Chengdu by Studio Ramoprimo
5 years ago

MoMA CHENGDU by Studio Ramoprimo

MoMA in Chengdu by Studio Ramoprimo

Studio Ramoprimo takes on a challenging task for the construction of Museum of Modern Art in the fast growing Chinese city of Chengdu. The Competition for the Chinese MoMA was part of an initiative for creating a double ring of public facilities around the Tianfu Square in Chengdu.

The first ring will be the new cultural center, including cultural and leisure facilities and museum buildings, while the second and larger one is planned for highrises. The four museum blocks including restaurant, offices, music auditorium and exhibition create an arising slope on which people can walk, seat, play, have a rest, enjoy the view to the central square like in a open public theater.

Museum of Modern Art china

MoMA in Chengdu overview

Museum of Modern Art china office area

Museum of Modern Art beautiful interior

interior design MoMA in Chengdu by Studio Ramoprimo

MoMA china

MoMA Chengdu sketch


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