Metal-Clad Masterpiece: Modern Desert Home atop a Mesa

The Tip of an Iceberg of Turbulence House

desert home designed by Steven Holl

Looking nearly as solid as the mesa upon which it stands, this stunning metal-clad home by architect Steven Holl was “imagined as the tip of an iceberg with a much larger mass below. The home was constructed off-site using 3D digital modeling and prefabrication techniques.  Each with a unique shape are fabricated to form the “shell” of the house with 31 metal panels. The interior is more conventional with white walls, ceilings and metal bridges. The structure seems like a natural formation that has shifted over time along with the changing geology of the region.

modern desert home landscape

modern desert home interior design

modern desert home plan diagram

The Tip of an Iceberg of Turbulence House

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