Meca By Big + Freaks Freearchitects

Meca By Big Freaks Freearchitects

Meca By Big and Freaks Freearchitects

Danish practice BIG and french firm FREAKS freearchitects, have won a competition to design a cultural centre for Bordeaux with a huge stage in its middle. According to architects, the 12,000-sq-m centre will benefit the entire community; it will not only house an arts centre but also an outdoor stage for performances to engage and entertain locals.

The 3-in-1 cultural center will provide space for contemporary art, a performing arts institution, and center for literature and movies. Both the building and the surrounding waterside promenade will be clad in limestone, matching most of the city’s historical architecture.  Natural daylight plays a huge roll within the building and permeates through all of the exhibition and office spaces. The MÉCA will provide opportunities for new hybrids of cultural and social life beyond the specific definitions of its constituent parts.

Meca By Big

Rooftop Terrace

Centralized Outdoor Performing Space

Interior Performing Space

Interior Design

Interior Space

Cultural centre for Bordeaux

Performing center

Overview of the Model

Model at night


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