Manhattan Loft Gardens by SOM

Manhattan Loft Gardens

Manhattan Loft Gardens

SOM has designed a 42-storey cantilevered tower containing 248 flats, to be built in Stratford, London by developer Manhattan Loft Corporation. It is planned to be built near the Stratford International Station – the gateway to the 2012 London Olympics. The 135 meter tower is set to become the tallest building in the area and will contain apartments, a hotel, restaurants and a spa.

The tower will include a mix of single-height flats, double-height lofts and triple-height penthouses. The building’s façade maintains a duality of transparent and solid panels in a serrated composition in glass and terracotta. Therefore, movement around the exterior of the building gives a continual interplay between solidity and transparency.

Road side view

Lower Roof Terrace

Shared Communal Lobby and Reception

Upper Roof Garden Apartments

Upper Roof Terrace

Middle Roof Garden

1 Bed Studio

3 Bed Loft View

1 Bed Loft


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