Kukje Art Center by SO-IL Architects

Kukje Art Center by SO-IL Architects

Kukje Art Center by SO-IL Architects

A New York-based architect SO-IL has recently completed the Kukje Art Center, a gallery and art campus masterplan located in the historic urban fabric of Sogyeok-dong, a neighborhood north of Seoul, Korea. The structure is wrapped in a funky mesh armor that diffuses sunlight and softens the building’s edges.

The building contains a 16 x 9 x 6m gallery space, a 60 seat auditorium, project spaces, support and administrative functions for the gallery complex. Joining the recent influx of coffee shops, boutique shops, and exhibition spaces, the new building encloses an open display area for large installations, performances and multipurpose functions. From a material and facade engineering standpoint this is a ground-breaking project which will enable an unprecedented exploration of ‘atmospheric’ surfaces.

north facade

East entrance

curved stair

gallery space



mesh detail

Roof Terrace



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