Krea Arts Centre by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura

Krea Arts Centre

Krea Arts Centre

Spanish firm Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura has designed and renovated the Krea Art Centre situated in Portal de Betoño, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. The purpose behind this project was to introduce a new building with an image of town’s new art center while maintaining the identity of former convent.

An environmental terrace has been designed to provide a way to the outside, where both the buildings are joining each other. The main entrance leads the visitor to the new annex which includes information desk, restaurant, shop, café, exhibition space and auditorium. The visitor then can move to the former convent where they will find classrooms, workshops, recording rooms, rehearsal rooms and laboratories.

Krea Arts Centre by Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura

exterior Approach

Southwest Perspective



Bridge over the Convent

Modern Arts Centre Spain

Above the Cloister

Night view

Convent- pre-construction

Via: Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura

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