House in Rokko by Tato Architects

House in Rokko Japan

House in Rokko Japan

House in Rokko is a minimal home located in Kobe, Japan, designed by Tato Architects. The house is an experiment in framing views of a picturesque site, exploring the relationship of architecture and its surroundings. The two-storey steel structure forms an open, glass-enclosed ground level and private upper level clad with metal panels.

The transparent entry area contains the living room, dining room, and kitchen – an ideal setting for entertaining guests while enjoying the view. An open-riser stairway with galvanized steel treads leads to the bedrooms and washroom. The first floor is opaque, with wide openings distributed equally for natural ventilation. In summer the balcony and eaves will block the sunlight while breezes from Mt. Rokko will cool the space.

View of the city from the residence

House in Rokko by Tato Architects

Side View

Ground floor and upper level

Staircase design

Prismatic wall


Stairs leading to the first floor

cantilevered balcony

western side of the plan and washroom


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