Flying Home Concept by Timon Sager

The Wolke 7 flying home concept

The Wolke 7 flying home concept

When it comes to traveling homes, some prefer the land and some prefer the sea, but in the future, some will choose the sky! Swiss designer Timon Sager is an extremely creative mind who has built an interesting concept that completely blends a flying structure with a comfortable home.

This interesting flying house concept is a perfect combination of a flying craft and a futuristic house. The flying house also features a deck so that you can enjoy the lovely view from the sky and feel the soothing breeze on your face.  The flying fortress looks like it was brought straight from the future. Take a look!


Amazing creation Wolke 7 flying home

Flying Home of Tomorrow

Wolke 7 - Home in the Sky by Timon Sager

interior design at Home in the Sky by Timon Sager

Home in the Sky by Timon Sager

Flying Home Concept Wolke7 by Timon Sager

Beautiful concept home design by Timon Sager

Wolke 7 Flying Home of Tomorrow

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