Dental Office by Estudio Arquitectura Hago

Dental Office by Estudio Hago

Dental Office by Estudio Hago

Madrid-based Estudio Arquitectura Hago, have completed a dental office with walls of rounded wooden panels and white-tinted glass, on the second floor of an office building in Málaga, Spain. Wrapping the center of the spatial layout, a white translucent glass wall forms a luminous corridor which links the public areas and patient rooms.

The medical activity takes place everywhere, from the inside of the case (laboratories and warehouse) to every single armchair in the medical rooms. The reception and waiting areas feature wood that begins on the floor and continues curving up the wall and onto the ceiling, warming things up a bit. The medical rooms are placed next to the perimeter of the façade in order to take advantage of the constant natural lighting. The result remains in the patient’s memory: a great space that represents a great medical team. Check out!


Translucent Glass Corridor

Waiting Room

Corridor from waiting area to the patient rooms

waiting room wrapped in wood

Movement wraps

Additional seating

Patient rooms

Movement between patient rooms and reception

Private meeting room


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