Free Bathroom Sink Set 3d Model for Download

In this post, I am going to share with you this wonderful bathroom sink 3D model; it was done with 3DS Max and Vray. I also added a obj, fbx and 3ds file format, so anybody will be able to use it. Continue reading “Free Bathroom Sink Set 3d Model for Download”

Top Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools


Virtual room designing is an efficient way to decorate a room. Home design and decorating websites continue the race to build the ultimate virtual room designer. Many tools and programs are undergoing such vast improvements that they mimic the quality of the designing programs used by professional interior designers. Continue reading “Top Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools”

10 of The Best Free 3D Modeling Applications

Google Sketchup 7

3 Dimensions refers to objects that are constructed on three plans (X, Y and Z). Over recent years, dozens of free 3D software programs with a ton of flexibility have sprung up across the web. These3D applications can create an intuitive and lively environment, which is the best advantage of 3D. Continue reading “10 of The Best Free 3D Modeling Applications”

Best Websites To Download Free 3D Models

3D Total

3D models are being in used in a wide variety of industries with great popularity and fame. Models that other people have created can also be great for learning some new techniques and being inspired for creating your own creations. 3D designers try to find free available 3D models on the web as these are the best source of learning to create 3D model with appropriate wire-frame and number of vertices. Continue reading “Best Websites To Download Free 3D Models”

Excellent Free 3DS Max Modeling Tutorials

Making of Le Patisserie

3DS Max is a professional 3D animation rendering and modeling software package used mostly by design visualization specialists, game developers and visual effects artists. 3DS Max is a very powerful material editor that gives your creativity the required edge. There are various steps in 3DS MAX but the most significant step is modeling. You can’t get the right output without perfection in modeling. Continue reading “Excellent Free 3DS Max Modeling Tutorials”

3D Studio Max Best Interior Design Tutorials

Making Interior Scene

3D Max is considered to be the most commonly used software for architecture and interior design projects. With Autodesk 3Ds Max, you can almost do anything, from creating realistic interior designs to animations. However creating a good presentation of architectural projects is not an easy task and requires lots of skills and expertise. Continue reading “3D Studio Max Best Interior Design Tutorials”

Elegant Beam Table by Luis Alberto Arrivillaga for MDF Italia

Beam Table by for MDF Italia

Milan-based product designer Luis A. Arrivillaga has introduced this ‘Beam’ table few days ago at IMM Cologne 2012. Created especially for MDF Italia, the rectangular dining table is smooth and simple in form, the most classic and traditional material used in furnishings. Continue reading “Elegant Beam Table by Luis Alberto Arrivillaga for MDF Italia”