Beautiful Hans House by MODO

Hans House by MODO

Hans House by MODO

Australian architecture studio M.O.D.O (Michael Ong Design Office) designed this superb home which surrounds a central landscaped backyard in Aberfeldie, Victoria.  The client’s brief was to design a home which played an active role in their everyday life, rather than a static shell. The project provides a living area where the occupants can move freely and easily between the external and internal spaces.

The backyard shares the rear of the site with the living room, the two spaces are divided by a large glass sliding door and a deep timber clad reveal. The cantilever of the upper floors and a cool masonry wall to the north shelters the courtyard from the summer sun, while in winter the courtyard remains dry underneath the upper floors.  On top of this Australian house is a timber box that sits at an angle on top of the ground floor walls, giving the home a cool angular shape.

Hans House in Aberfeldie, Victoria

timber box

View from outside

Hans House


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