Antique Swiss Chalet Renovation by Lacroix Chessex

Chalet Noisettes

Chalet Noisettes

This beautiful Chalet Noisettes in Gryon, in the Swiss Alps, used to be a century-old log cabin that strongly needed a renovation. Swiss architectural studio Lacroix Chessex started renovating the chalet and extending its beautified modern shape to accommodate the inhabitant’s needs. This renovation brought new life to both the cabin and surrounding areas, bringing together modern design with the existing one.

The improved Chalet Noisettes now features five bedrooms and two bathrooms, and much more elaborate yet natural and simple design solutions. The living areas were kept natural and in perfect balance with the surrounding natural colors, and the bright spot of red corridor add a modern twist into interior. Take a look!

Chalet Noisettes by Lacroix Chessex


Beautiful view of the chalet


Dining area

red corridor

staircase design


Night view

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