Unique Freestanding Loft Sink by Botinger And Roi

Unique Loft Botinger Sink by Roi

This freestanding Loft sink by Botinger & Roi is out of this world with its unique and elegant shape. This item features contemporary design, sort of organic and a bit strange form. Its stand is bit sloped giving it a modern look that will become the focal point of any bath room or outdoor area.

This sink is part of their SQ series designed by Baldwin Rust. Botinger & Roi’s main focus is providing their clients with exclusive, luxurious and original furnishings and Loft washbasin is not an exception of that. So if you want something special for your bathroom, it would be the right choice for you.

Modern and  Unique Loft Botinger & Sink by Roi

Creative Loft Botinger & Sink by Roi

Stylish and Unique Loft Botinger Sink by Roi

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