Reorganization of Pombal Castle’s Hill by Comoco Architects

Reorganization of Pombal Castle’s Hill by Comoco Architects

Comoco can take all the credit for giving Pombal Castle in Portugal a rust-colored upgrade that has inspired the local community to reconnect with their illustrious history. The project for the reorganization of Pombal Castle’s hill was launched by the city’s municipality with the goal of promoting the re-centralization of that area. This is a place for gossip, reading, sketching or staring out on the grounds while travelling with your thoughts.

The structure’s exterior cladding is simplistic consisting of a rusty red finish projecting vibrancy throughout the landscapes. The two new structures accompany a set of repaved pathways, as well as a new castle entrance and reconfigured parking area. On top of the hill, a cafeteria was designed to encourage visitors – both locals and tourists – to stay a while and enjoy the astonishing view.

Pombal Castle’s Hill


Pombal Castle in Portugal

view frome below

Pombal Castle’s Hill by Comoco Architects

cafeteria Interior Design

Exterior view cafeteria


view of the city

Night view

Photography by Fernando Guerra

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