Bookmanager 1.0 Releases by Model + Model

Well, in this post you have to inform that Model + Model released version 1.0 of their 3dsmax books scattering script – Bookmanager with new updates. Before this script was available as part of an extensive book library, but now you can use this separately. The main feature has the ability to place books directly on actual shelf polygons.

Let’s find out the wonderful features that helps you.

Create books as instances

Flipped book.

Reset settings to default values.

With the help of this book manager you can set set random quantity of Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books on different shelves.

It’s have the ability to set how much shelves have Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books.

To find more information then click here.

3d Visualization of THERMAE in Vals, Switzerland

You have a lot of technical ability for creating the 3d architectural visualization. To become a proficient it takes years in certain modeling and visualization. In this post we show you the efficient work of artist named by peter Zumthor, creates a great demand for newer and innovative ways of presenting them. This is a personal project made a while ago, creates in Sketchup, Max, Vray, Photoshop and AE. Zumthor describes the conception of the building uses images of quarries and water flowing from the ground.  Continue reading “3d Visualization of THERMAE in Vals, Switzerland”

Rendering Based on Hodgson House By Bertrand Benoit

You will be pleased to see the wonderful rendering based on Hodgson house by Bertrand. This house is located in New Canaan, Connecticut. You could see the plants that were modeled in GrowFX as well as he modeled and textured the chairs from scratch. If you like the amazing work of Bertrand then you must drop your words in comments box. Continue reading “Rendering Based on Hodgson House By Bertrand Benoit”

Zevo House by Mario Nogueira

In this post we are representing in front of you the 3D Architectural Visualization of Zevo House by Mario Nogueira from Funchal, Portugal. He creates this visualization with 3ds max and render with Vray. He used Vray Sky for the day and sunny images. For the nights images he used IES light. You could see everything in the set is 3d models. Mario used real trees models in his design. For the grass and trees he used Multiscatter. Let’s find out his wonderful work in pictures below.

V-Ray Exterior Renders of Sichuan Tobacco Headquarters

Here you are welcome to see the wonderful Renders of Chinese Tobacco Company in Sichuan / China. This project is completed by 26 years old Vladislav Dechev from Bulgaria. Unique thing of this design is the green roofs emerging from the ground covering the structural elements. He done this great  project by using Onyx Tree, ArchiCAD, Vray and 3dsmax. Continue reading “V-Ray Exterior Renders of Sichuan Tobacco Headquarters”

Making of Nasir al Molk Mosque by Farrokh Tabande

I’m glad to share this wonderful work of Farrokh Tabande from Iran. He just wants to tell us that how he make the interior short of this beautiful Iranian mosque. This mosque is 200 years old and located in his native town, Shiraz. He goes there to collect data for modeling and texturing process. To understand every aspect of shapes, he started to read a book about Iranian architectural geometry.  Continue reading “Making of Nasir al Molk Mosque by Farrokh Tabande”

Simple Interior Renderings with 3D Max and V-Ray

Today, we represent the tutorial in front of you by Brazilian artist Alberth Costa. He will show us, how he created the simple interior scene. He is an architectural visualization artist based in Belém do Pará – Brazil.

He started his career very early and went through several studios in Brazil and now he is a freelance designer. Let’s check out the creation, how he created the simple interior renderings called simplicity. Continue reading “Simple Interior Renderings with 3D Max and V-Ray”

Making of House in Alentejo

Here in this post we are sharing the brilliant making of House in Altentejo by Portuguese artist Sérgio Merêces. He is a 3D architectural visualization artist and started his career in 2003 as a generalist 3D artist in a video game company. In 2009, he get started his work as an Arch-viz artist until day. For this project, he was inspired by real pictures, so after a lot of research he got inspiration for lighting, vegetation and materials. In this article you can find out some wonderful tips from this project which he did for a client. Continue reading “Making of House in Alentejo”