Modern Unique Beach House With Origami Design

Beach House inspiration Origami Art

Studio BKK architects recently completed a 3,756 square foot Beach House located in Victoria, Australia. This is a contemporary unique Beach House with Origami Design. This home offers a variety of reading and different choices for occupation to the owners. This unique Beach Home completely optimized the advantage of the beach by having all rooms and spaces inside the house possible to face the ocean.

According to the architects, the overall design of the residence was inspired by the Japanese art of origami. The large masonry wall forms an organizational backbone to the house, while also retaining strong elements to the landscape. It is in fact that living in the house will be a series of beautiful moments that will continually delight and surprise. Let’s check out the photos!

Beach House inspiration Origami Art Design

Unique Beach House inspiration Origami Art design

Modern designBeach House inspiration Origami Art

LIving Beach House inspiration Origami Art design

Dining Beach House

Bath design Beach House

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