Using Vray Sun for Realistic Rendering within 3ds Max

This is wonderful exterior lighting scene that you will definitely love it. And this scene is also available for download.


We talk about the modeling for the structure firstly; it was just boxes the help of Edit Poly tools. The most difficult thing in the scene was furniture that creates in of zbrush and photoshop and and plants was made it with Speedtree and the the Ivy plugin.The grass was a simple Vray displacement modifier with this texture for the displacement.

For the materials like textures, specular and bump map were used and lighting was done with Vray sun and sky.

Vary physical camera used for good exposure. This is very important when working with vray sun because you will have more control of the lighting.

Here is the render setup for render setting

For post production

Here the things used like, sky replacement, color correction, modified the exposure control, some offset, lens correction, chromatic aberration, some glow and sharpen.

Final Image:

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Artificial Night Lighting Interior Scene + Bonus Tutorial in PDF

I am sharing with you the inspirational scene, with this amazing scene you will be able to create a wonderful and realistic artificial or Night Lighting Space with 3ds Max and Vray. Rendering realistic images using artificial lighting is a tricky process. This process based on creativity and worthy reverences. This will help you to making use of photometric lights with ies profile, Vray light material, different type of lighting physicals camera and many more.  Continue reading “Artificial Night Lighting Interior Scene + Bonus Tutorial in PDF”

V-Ray Realistic Studio Lighting inside 3ds Max 2012

First Let me show you a screenshot of the entire setup

You need a background, you can model something like this:

Now create a box, apply the taper modifier and convert to a editable poly, apply a black material to the entire box, now select the back polygon and delete it, and now select the front polygon and apply this shader setup:

This is a simple shader to make the front polygon transparent but with a soft lighting refraction.

Now you have to place a vray plane light behind the box and place it in the same setup from the first picture.

Let me show you the intensity for each light:

And for the camera, as always I am using the vray physical camera, this will improve the way you setup the lighting, because you can have more control of the exposure and other setups, and this is the camera setup:

And to finish with this tutorial, just we need to check the render settings for this one:

If you see the render settings are pretty basic and aiming for fast rendering. Now you have a nice studio lighting setup for any type of 3d models.

3 Forest Pack Tree-Lined Canal/Tutorials

Here in this post we are revealing a new Forest Pack tutorial for from iToo Software and with titled Tree-Lined Canal”. You would be able to see the basic features with Forest pack version 3.9, introduced last June. The duration of this video tutorial is 30 minutes and especially for beginners to learn quickly. Just go through this tutorial to acquire the necessary skills for wonderful looking scenes with Forest Pack Pro. Continue reading “3 Forest Pack Tree-Lined Canal/Tutorials”

Impressive 3D Rendering of Maison Hermes by Roberto De Rose

Here in this post we are revealing the wonderful 3d rendering of Maisono Hermes by Roberto De Rose from State of Art studio. Hopefully, you will be pleased to read this article.

Reference Material

First of all, references!
Roberto De Rose makes this artwork after watching a lot of photos from different angles at various times. Photos of famous building gave an idea for the artwork and he decided where he can play colors and lights to recreate the magic. Continue reading “Impressive 3D Rendering of Maison Hermes by Roberto De Rose”

Making of Modernist Loft

I found this wonderful tutorial from Aleso3d. Here you could see the making of modernist loft scene done with Photoshop, 3ds max, Zbrush and Vray.

Step by step walkthrough and easy tips will make you able to learn properly lighting rendering interior scenes with 3ds Max and Vray. Everything like texturing, lighting and rendering, Scene setup, modeling discussed here for realistic output. Continue reading “Making of Modernist Loft”

Lighting & Setting up a Realistic Render with Vray and 3d Max

Hello, here you can learn how to lighting and setting up a realistic render with 3d max 2011 and Vray 2.0. In addition you will be able to use ies lights, setting lighting with vray sun and vray sky and using physical camera.

You could see here I used Vray plane light, Vray sun & sky, photometric ies lights and Vray camera. For each window, I used plane lights. All lights have the same settings.   Continue reading “Lighting & Setting up a Realistic Render with Vray and 3d Max”

Making of Nasir al Molk Mosque by Farrokh Tabande

I’m glad to share this wonderful work of Farrokh Tabande from Iran. He just wants to tell us that how he make the interior short of this beautiful Iranian mosque. This mosque is 200 years old and located in his native town, Shiraz. He goes there to collect data for modeling and texturing process. To understand every aspect of shapes, he started to read a book about Iranian architectural geometry.  Continue reading “Making of Nasir al Molk Mosque by Farrokh Tabande”

Simple Interior Renderings with 3D Max and V-Ray

Today, we represent the tutorial in front of you by Brazilian artist Alberth Costa. He will show us, how he created the simple interior scene. He is an architectural visualization artist based in Belém do Pará – Brazil.

He started his career very early and went through several studios in Brazil and now he is a freelance designer. Let’s check out the creation, how he created the simple interior renderings called simplicity. Continue reading “Simple Interior Renderings with 3D Max and V-Ray”

Making of House in Alentejo

Here in this post we are sharing the brilliant making of House in Altentejo by Portuguese artist Sérgio Merêces. He is a 3D architectural visualization artist and started his career in 2003 as a generalist 3D artist in a video game company. In 2009, he get started his work as an Arch-viz artist until day. For this project, he was inspired by real pictures, so after a lot of research he got inspiration for lighting, vegetation and materials. In this article you can find out some wonderful tips from this project which he did for a client. Continue reading “Making of House in Alentejo”

How To Create Perfect Window Views for Interior Scenes in KeyShot

In this post we are sharing the 3D interior scene that you will create in short time. When you are creating the scene, you are focusing on that point that when somebody looks out the window of your 3D rendered interior scene, then he could see those trees, the grassy expanse, the sky and any roads to look stunningly perfect.  There are many applications out there that can help you to complete your scene, but here we have a quick tip that will defiantly create your window view for your interior scenes in KeyShot. Continue reading “How To Create Perfect Window Views for Interior Scenes in KeyShot”