The New Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks by KOHLER

Vault Smart Divide Offset Apron-front Kitchen Sink by KOHLER

Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks by KOHLER

The Apron-front sink have an enduring appeal make it perfect for both modern and traditional spaces, that’s why this style become particularly popular in vintage homes. The new line of apron-front kitchen sinks by Kohler is updating and adapting the iconic farmhouse sink to fit both traditional and contemporary kitchens. As a popular symbol of stability and hearth, these farmhouse sinks are characterized by deep basins and a broad front panel, the “apron.” Apron-front sinks are like beautiful but oh-so-functional sculpture, and they provide a strong, dramatic focal point in a kitchen.

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Modern and Elegant Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet

Unique Babini Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet

Unique Babini Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet

Unique and elegant, the Google Desk is a complete office furniture collection, designed by Danny Venlet for Italian design brand Babini. It is a project designed for future oriented managers and executives, able to mix functionality and elegance. The product has a highly original appearance and comes in a variety of mate and lacquer finishes. Continue reading “Modern and Elegant Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet”

Modern Floral Sofa Fiori Divano by Russian designer Albina Basharova

Modern Sofa by Albina Basharova Inspired by Flower

Modern Floral Sofa

A beautiful purple lily flower sofa with curvy shape is designed by Russian designer Albina Basharova. Young Moscow designer Albina Basharova submitted a draft transforming floral sofa Fiori Divano in the competition “Rodchenko-2011″ and won first prize.  It is an eyecatching furniture for a modern home design. This elegant flower sofa opens and closes its charming petals. recline sofa converts into a comfortable couch “boat”, and the petals give additional support to the back and serve as a kind of arms or stand for a laptop or a book. More information about the designer of floral sofa – visit  Albina Basharova.

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Contemporary Rattan Armchair Collection by IKEA

HULTO Easy chair

STORSELE High-back armchair

STORSELE High-back armchair

Rattan is among the oldest natural furniture material in use today, different with bamboo, which is hollow, rattan is a solid timber vine that offers comfortability and long lasting durability. Made of natural rattan, these chairs have a high back and soft, rounded shapes that contrast nicely with the detailed patterns. Get comfortable in your living room with these rattan armchairs in lots of styles. Most of IKEA’s rattan armchair is created by handmade or handwoven, promising a soft, rounded shapes and nicely detailed patterns, while each piece of furniture is unique.

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Bringing Innovative Nature Inspired Designs With Ege Carpets

Gotland Midday carpet by Ege

Stockholm Sunset carpet by Ege

Nature and the environment have proven to be a big source of inspiration in interior design and architecture over the past few years, particularly where material choice is concerned. The innovative carpet collection emerged from a desire to bring the rustic beauty of nature inside as part of a building’s interior design. Danish carpet producer Ege came up with the Nature collection of carpets for those carpet lovers, who love nature in interior design. Here is a Modern and Cool Bringing Nature Indoors with Ege Carpets.

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Playful LEGO Department in Denmark by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord

LEGO office interior slide

LEGO office interior slide

Located in Billund, Denmark, this LEGO office is designed to be an ideal place to mobilize and develop the creative energy of employees. The project was assigned to the architects, Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord and they had free reign to transform the open plan space into a playground focused on creativity, imagination, and innovation. Continue reading “Playful LEGO Department in Denmark by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord”

Collection of Beautiful 3D Interior Design Model for Inspiration

green day by zigshot82

our bedroom by zigshot82

our bedroom by zigshot82

At the present world interior design has a great popularity. People are eagerly interested to decorate their room. 3D Max is one of the normally used software for architecture and interior design field on creating good presentation of architectural projects. With these highly advanced tools, concepts can come to life off of the page before they are fully constructed and arranged. Here is a collection of amazing designers at work, to give readers a little 3D interior design model inspiration.

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Incredible Compact House Shaped like an Automobile

German architecture auto house

Auto Architectural design house

There is an unusual car-home, located near Salzburg, Austria. Other name of this house is Voglreiter Auto Residence. This unusual house is designed by creative designer Markus Voglreiter. Although it looks like a house on wheels, it is not mobile.  It may look small, but this compact house doesn’t lack any of the comfort that comes with a common looking residence. The car shaped house is big enough to accommodate two generations of families in two separate portions of the vehicle. This is an eco-friendly home which provides solar heating and electricity.

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