Beautiful Abu Samra House by Symbiosis Designs

Abu Samra House by Symbiosis Designs

The Abu Samra House, from its owner’s name, designed by Symbiosis Designs and is located in Amman (Jordan).The first impression with which the Abu Samra house receives the viewer relates to its use of special materials and color of the Amman stone that gives special texture and earth tones. The dry landscape also becomes a splendid character for the house.

The Abu Samra House design was made into two cubic masses with a gallery as the connection. The slope of the ground provides the layout of the spaces on two levels. Mostly, the house is experienced from the main North-South Street that is parallel to the site, and can be found at a higher level than the house. Gallery’s large window provides the beautiful views of rolling hills. Here we like to say that Abu Samra house has unique architecture design in the sensitive topographic. Take a look!

 Abu Samra House

Abu Samra House outside view

Symbiosis Designs designed the Abu Samra House

Abu Samra House by Symbiosis Designs night view

Abu Samra House interior design

Abu Samra House in Amman interior

Abu Samra House Symbiosis Designs

Abu Samra House Designs Model

Photography by Arnaldo Genitrini, Osman Akuz, and Ghassan Aqel

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