Weihai Pavilion by Make Architects

Weihai Pavilion b by Make Architects

Weihai Pavilion b by Make Architects

Make Architects has designed Weihai Pavilion located on the northern coast of the Shandong Peninsula, China. The 6000 sq ft building provide welcoming space and information hub for new residential development in the area, as well as work as an exhibition space, hosting launches and meetings in the near future. The pavilion is engage with the seascape and various architectural strategies have been employed to minimize its impact on the environment.

The building is divided into two main areas, a spine wall clad vertically with bamboo separating both the spaces.  A curved glass wall offer panoramic views of the sea. Weihai Pavilion is the first project of Make Architects in china and aims to keep going with new and innovative design projects in the region.

aerial view

view from the sea

large curtain wall system

side view

fountain and entrance


bamboo separating wal

entrance approach

site plan

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