Vision House Los Angeles by Green Builder Media & Structure Home

VISION HouseLos Angeles

VISION HouseLos Angeles

Vision House a is a joint project between Green Builder Media and L.A.-based builder Structure Home. This luxury house plans to focus on the CalGreen code, emphasizing optimized performance, energy efficiency,  water conservation, durability, indoor air quality, efficient systems, and sustainable materials, to create a future-forward residence.

Another key feature of VISION House LA includes cabinetry certified by the Environmental Stewardship Program. Designed to be a “Contemporary Californian” by KAA Design and P2 Design, the house is both warm and open with large window panels and wood slatted ceilings. The kitchen, laundry area and bathroom have dramatic textural wall finishes using Porcelanosa tile, at right. This high-profile home promises to be an excellent example of sustainability, blending contemporary design and leading edge technologies.

Vision House

Staircase Design



Interior Design

Bed Room Design


Bed Room-2

House Exterior

Source: Green Builder Media, Structure Home

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