Unique iPoo Toilet Design For Real Apple Fans

Unique iPoo Toilet Design For Real Apple Fans

Sometimes, designers show magic with their unique, stylish and enticing designs. Here is a unique design for Apple fans “iPoo toilet” designed by Serbian freelance digital artist Milos Paripovic. It’s a prestigious designer toilet; there is no lack of style and taste. This toilet has exactly the same function as any other toilet and costs only twice as much for the same performance.

Aѕ the artist jokes – it’s compatible with iPod, iPad 3, iPhone 5 and MacBook Air. However the material is the same as for these iProducts. The design reminds you the Apple logo and would make you more popular with your friends and visitors because of its cool and modern design. Anyhow, here are the images of the iPoo toilet for all Apple lovers. Enjoy!

iPoo Toilet design

ipoo toilet for ipod and iphone fans

ipoo toilet for apple fans

The iPoo toilet

Unique design iPoo toilet

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