Twirl in Milan, Italy by Zaha Hadid Architects

Twirl in Milan

Twirl in Milan

This project started out as a contemporary take on courtyard architecture. The chosen site is an 18th century courtyard, one of the most attractive areas at Milan’s University, where slabs are used to bring a three dimensional structure to life. The project emphasizes the slope of the arches, creating a powerful vortex of spatial distortion that favors dialogue with the surrounding colonnade.

Covering an area of 800 m2, the site is bound on all sides by two-storey columns and an elevated exterior walkway. Visitors are invited to explore the sculptural effect and the formal dynamics of the various elements. For the installation 7 different color codes have been used, creating shadings from white to black. ‘Twirl’ encourages the viewer to engage the space by exploring and observing the courtyard from multiple vantage points. Take a look!

Twirl in Milan Italy

Stunning view

Urban Design

Rendered view

Night view

Rendering of courtyard


Plan view

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