Tornado Proof House by 10 Design

Tornado Proof House by 10 Design

Tornado Proof House by 10 Design

This prototype house was an initiative by 10 Design Architects to turn their futuristic dream into a reality. The tornado-proof house concept is an innovation which we hope will provide the basis for the future habitation. Hong Kong-based 10 Design is working on this project with the aim to design a home capable to tackle with extreme weather condition.

With the help of hi-tech mechanisms for tornado evasion and flood resistance the building can change its positions at the first warning of an approaching twister. The house feature a set of hydraulic levers emerges from underground and activated by high-velocity winds to shrink back the house into the ground for safety. In order to make the house water and wind proof the roof become locks when the house is underground.


Tornado Proof House

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View from the house

Extreme Weather House



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