Lot 18 House by Arkitek Axis

Complete View of Lot 18 House

Lot 18 House is a u shaped architectural design. It is located at a beautiful place of Kuala Lumpur. It is a good example of Southeast Asian architectural art. This house is a 3 floor building with, living rooms, dining hall, kitchen and well designed pool. This architectural home design is created by Arkitek Axis.

The designer has used glass work on walls from outside which looks so cool and beautiful.  On the ground floor of this house, there is a family hall for managing any event. A beautiful timber deck terrace is situated on the first floor, where you can view all around the house easily. There are three well decorated bedrooms. Car parking area is hidden on the back side of the house.

Lot 18 House View

Interrior Decoration of Lot 18 House

Kitchen of Lot 18 House

Faimly Hall of Lot 18 House

First Floor of Lot 18 House

Night View of Lot 18 House

Roof of Lot 18 House

Water System of Lot 18 House

Back Vew of Lot 18 House

Ground Floor  of Lot 18 House

Dinning Hall of Lot 18 House