Courtyard House by Hutchison & Maul

Guest Room of Courtyard House

Courtyard House is a well designed house that is located in Mercer Island. The area of this house is 50’ narrow and 400’long wide with 35 percent slope. Exterior concrete terraces are carved into the sloping side of the house. They provide sunlight into the rooms and also protect from neighbors. This house is designed by Hutchison & Maul Architecture.

The house has divided into two main parts: concrete plinth and hovering wood volume. Concrete Plinth consists well decorated living rooms and a guestroom. If you want to visit this home, you will have to cross beautiful exterior terraces, bridges and stairways. The entrance point is decorated with wood volume and powerful concrete walls. This house is fully furnished with latest luxuries. Further details of this house are given below.

Location: Mercer Island, Washington, USA
Project Area: 623 sqm
Architects: Hutchison & Maul Architecture
Contractor: EH Construction
Structural Engineer: Jeff Albert
Interior Design: Hutchison & Maul Architecture
Landscape Architect: Bruce Hinckley, Alchemie
Mechanical Engineer: Rainbow Consulting
Photography: Eduardo Calderon, Alan Abramowitz, Tom Hille, Hutchison & Maul Architecture

Sitting Room of Courtyard House

Entrance Point of Courtyard House

Dinning Room of Courtyard House

Internal View of Courtyard House

Courtyard House View

Stylish Roof of Courtyard House

Terrace of Courtyard House

Roof of Courtyard House