Meca By Big + Freaks Freearchitects

Meca By Big and Freaks Freearchitects

Danish practice BIG and french firm FREAKS freearchitects, have won a competition to design a cultural centre for Bordeaux with a huge stage in its middle. According to architects, the 12,000-sq-m centre will benefit the entire community; it will not only house an arts centre but also an outdoor stage for performances to engage and entertain locals. Continue reading “Meca By Big + Freaks Freearchitects”

Yongsan Cross Towers of Culture by BIG Architects

cross # towers' by BIG architects, seoul, korea

International architecture practice BIG have just shared with us the Cross # Towers, their latest project in Seoul, South Korea. BIG’s design includes two elegant towers with a height of 214 and 204m. These horizontal towers serve as the foundation for green-roofed sky gardens with dramatic views of the urban skyline. Continue reading “Yongsan Cross Towers of Culture by BIG Architects”