V-Ray Realistic Studio Lighting inside 3ds Max 2012

First Let me show you a screenshot of the entire setup

You need a background, you can model something like this:

Now create a box, apply the taper modifier and convert to a editable poly, apply a black material to the entire box, now select the back polygon and delete it, and now select the front polygon and apply this shader setup:

This is a simple shader to make the front polygon transparent but with a soft lighting refraction.

Now you have to place a vray plane light behind the box and place it in the same setup from the first picture.

Let me show you the intensity for each light:

And for the camera, as always I am using the vray physical camera, this will improve the way you setup the lighting, because you can have more control of the exposure and other setups, and this is the camera setup:

And to finish with this tutorial, just we need to check the render settings for this one:

If you see the render settings are pretty basic and aiming for fast rendering. Now you have a nice studio lighting setup for any type of 3d models.