Stylish Modular Unit Homes by Coodo

Modular Unit Homes by Coodo

Modular Unit Homes by Coodo

Coodo is an architectural office located in Slovenia has recently introduced a line of stylish modular units that are perfectly modern and would work just about anywhere.  These customizable units are compact and portable, feature smart monitoring systems, and can be easily made energy self-sufficient. Each one has a multifunctional pavilion, a summer kitchen, mobile living units, a pergola and a residential building.

Combined with a clean and modern design, each unit can be placed in a variety of locations (from natural scenes to different landscapes and architectural environments) and features maximized space. The steel structure is covered with a water-resistant polyester exterior and interior lining panels. They are all equipped with a distant monitoring system, allowing the owner to control systems within the house to maximize on energy use.

Coodo Modular Units

Stylish Modular Unit


modular living units

Modern Home Design




Night view

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