Stereoscopic House by Pencil Office Features Sharp Accents

Wood-Clad Angular Abodes

House Featuring Sharp Accents

The Stereoscopic House by Pencil Office is a stunning structure designed by the Singapore-based architecture firm. This marvelous building is situated in Sentosa resort island of Singapore. This stereoscopic house is designed in such a way that it reflects beauty and architectural taste on one side and is Eco-friendly and sustainable on the other side. From rain harvesting systems to solar hot-water heating, this stunning house features perforated shutters that serves as a visual focal point against patterned wood cladding.

Both outdoor and indoor structure of this bold house are sensational in appearance. Outdoor structure displays an array of sharp accents and angular overhangs. Overall the house is a great innovation in architecture. This Stereoscopic House is actually a dream home for a designer.

 Stereoscopic House by Pencil Office

Stereoscopic House front view

Wood-Clad Angular Abodes

interior of house

eco-friendly house

angular overhangs in house

Balcony of eco friendly home

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