Shell-Shaped Solar “Pearl” House by Solaleya

Upper view of pearl solar house

pearl shaped Beach house

French designer David Fanchon of Solaleya designed a latest sustainable house, “The Pearl” passive solar house. This completely customizable structure can be sized between 500 to 5,000 square feet inspired from a seashell which offers great structural strength and aerodynamics. Its shape is optimized to take advantage of the Sun’s benefits when needed and to protect from its harsher heat when necessary.

The design of the building itself allows for it to be placed in all sorts of climates and geographies. For example, the aerodynamic shell design helps protect against strong winds, and the arch shape (made from FSC certified timber) provides resistance to earthquakes. The white steel roof reflects summer heat energy, lowering interior temperatures. Roof air and cork bead insulation, with 12inch (30cm) thick compressed straw external walls adds to the minimal thermal transfer of heat between the exterior and exterior.

 Beautiful view of pearl house

pearl house of solaleya at evening

pearl solar home

Upper view of pearl solar house

solaleya beach house

solaleya beach

Staircase at solaleya beach house

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